Monday, July 29, 2013

Say Whaaat? London's Recap

Say What?

Well, PardonWritersforChrist will be doing a session called “Say What.” Mostly the concept is personal accounts that caused you to think and reflect on the Lord. If you want to submit a Say What, please message us here at PardonWritersforChrist.

My Say What happened on my birthday. A few days prior, one of my coworkers at PardonWritersforChrist asked me how I planned to spend my birthday. My response was, “Sadly, in the dentist office.” We both laughed a bit and had a light conversation. The day I originally scheduled the appointment, I was huffing and puffing about the need to come in to have my two teeth fix on a day that was meant to celebrate, well, me. The red pen scribbling out the words, “Dentist Appointment” on my calendar seemed like a punishment, or even worse, a glob of ink symbolizing my pain.
I woke up the day of my appointment excited for my birthday, but then remembered what I had to do. After brushing my teeth about three times after eating a banana, and managed to remember the floss, I braced myself for a needle to my gums. Now, I am making it sound like I was knocking on death's door, but honestly, they were only two, tiny cavities needing to be filled.
But after the shot to the mouth, and a couple of playful comments to the doctor, the Lord decided to remind me how blessed I truly was and how this was a true gift to be sitting in a dentist chair. Sounds almost silly when you think about it! After a moment, I was really humbled. I was actually able to have my teeth fix to fit within my work schedule, and have insurance to take care of a chunk of the charge. Besides that, I was blessed to have such loving dentists who love the Lord and take good care of me! What I was dreading for about 2 weeks, quickly became a blessing in disguise. I had taken for granted what I always had.
This event reminded me of a recap event at my church about a month ago. A group had ventured off on a mission trip and came back to tell us about their experiences. The one story that truly blessed me was their time to offer medical help to the local people. One of the pastors mention a young boy, around the age of eleven, who was having a few teeth worked on. He sat there happily because he was able to experience what many take for granted. As the pastor was telling this story, the Lord reminded me of how blessed I am to live in the environment He has placed me. This young man found joy in what I was spending weeks complaining about.
My Say What caused me to reevaluate how I respond to situations in my life and to people. I have used this moment to minister to people in joy and glorify Him in the process. After it all, I can honestly thank the Lord for my cavities because it made me realize a lot about my heart and the heart the Lord wants me to have.

I encourage all of you to share your SayWhat's with us and recap those little things in your life. You never know. What you could be upsetting you today, could be your Say What tomorrow.

Have a blessed week,

Monday, July 15, 2013

Are you staying fit?

The majority of the people I know love spending their time working out. No shame in fellowshipping while lifting weights. But I started thinking the other day, while I was running, about fitness. Spending time with people who are fit, makes you wonder how fit people are in the Lord.

Last week, I read an article about obesity.  What often causes obesity? Well, there is malnourishment which often causes those who are lacking money to spend what little they have on a junkfood diet. Of course, this explains the popularity of chips, fast food burgers, and cheap restaurants popping up every street corner. I had a coworker who would ask me every Friday if I wanted a, “Fat and Nasty” for lunch. He meant, of course, a juicy, fast food burger. Now, sometimes I would say yes. Funny, every time I said yes, my body would feel slow and sluggish after indulging on a thick cheeseburger. At the moment, I didn't regret it. The grease was heavy and the cheese was just overwhelmingly yummy. Then, of course, I ate the fries with it. Every bite made me happy. But later on, I felt less than 50% my normal, happy self. I didn't have the same amount of energy, and my body was rejecting the grease I had eaten.

Malnourishment in life is the same. When we don't feed ourselves with the Word of God, we choose other options to satisfy our hunger. Often we seek the ways of the World. Sin becomes our Dollar Menu, lust looks like a fatty cheeseburger. After awhile, we are so heavy into the world, that it takes a process to give up that lifestyle, pick up the Word of God, and start walking. Just like being overweight can kill you, so does sin.

Romans 6:23- 23 For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. 

Become fit in the Lord today, so you will have the strength to reject those painful fillers that tempt us.  The more you lean on the Lord, the stronger you get.  

Fitness is not just skin deep.

L.J. Christian 

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