Sunday, November 11, 2012

My Thoughts on Beauty

Real Beauty

                The other night, Harmony and I were discussing Disney, classic movies.  Some of our favorites included Beauty and the Beast, Sleeping Beauty, and Snow White.  These flawless characters were just that: flawless.  Their behavior was obedient and well desirable.  When they were stubborn, they presented those qualities in the best ways. In the end, the man, a charming prince, would fall in love with their flawlessness and sweep them off to a castle high up in the valley.  Their beauty was beyond words. Belle’s eyes were master pieces that brought every man to their knees.  Snow White was not only kind, but managed to clean without messing up her hair, dress, or perfectly clear complexion.  Aurora, well, she was blonde and danced in forests with singing animals.  Needless to say, nothing here reflects any woman I know.  But as a young girl growing up watching these movies, I thought it was a mirror image of how I should be.    
                So, I went towards the most logical approach.  If I was flawless, then I could find a prince.  I tried everything I could. I used cosmetics to cover what I thought were flaws.  I dieted to get rid of what I thought wasn’t beautiful.  I changed my personality so I would get attentions from others.
                We are not Disney princesses, but the princesses of the King.  What others see as flaws, God sees as flawless.  Our scars are beauty marks.  Our struggles are what make us unique and depend on Him. 
                Real beauty is individuality. Individuality is a gift from the Lord.  We are all unique little treasure, pressed down, mended together, and rolling over with blessings. What the world wants is a flawless society. What the Lord sees is a creation that is beautiful because of the flaws that He sees is flawless
               These are just my thoughts after figuring out what beauty should be like. What are your thoughts? Post them on our facebook page:

       Much love,
           L. J. Christian